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Treatment In uncomplicated case, the appendix is removed – appendectomy. If a CT scan shows that there is an abscess from a ruptured appendix, patient is treated for infection and appendix is removed after the infection and inflammation have gone away.


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Shanti Ved Imaging & Research Centre from the Shanti Ved Group of Hospitals has specialised in the management of trauma using advanced imaging techniques and surgical procedures since 1988.  


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Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is a condition that features loss of the normal density of bone leading to fragility of the bone. Osteoporosis leads to abnormally porous bone that is more comprehensible like a sponge, than dense like a brick. This disorder of the skeleton weakens the bone leading to an increased risk of fractures. Normal bone […]

Joint Replacement

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Hip Replacement (MIS) Hip Replacement of a deformed and painful hip using a new technique with very small skin incision and minimal soft tissue damage resulting in early and painfree recovery. Patients of Hip Replacement starts walking on 2nd day of the surgery by this technique. Indications of Hip Replacement : Old age Hip fracture […]


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The physiotherapy section of Shanti Ved Imaging & Research Centre can handle a wide range of conditions requiring therapy, using state of the art equipment. The Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation focuses on patients’ day-to-day functioning and enhancing their quality of life. Our trained physiotherapists and rehabilitation experts, design a unique programme for recovery, health […]