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Prevention is better than cure – Shanti Ved Hospitals focus on preventive health care an important part of maintaining good health. The team of specialists at Shanti Ved Hospitals are equipped with the best equipments and training from India as well as abroad.

Dr. Ajay Praksh – Surgeon & Urologist
A pioneering surgeon and urologist with many achievements to his credit.

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Dr. Divya Prakash – Obst. & Gynaecologist
Director, Obstetrics and Gynaecology department is a compassionate and conscientious doctor who combines a human touch with clinical brilliance.

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Dr. Sanjay Prakash – Orthopaedic Surgeon
Expert in many orthopaedic procedures, pioneer of Locking Nail Technique in India.

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Dr. Shwetank Prakash – Laproscopic Surgeon & Urologist
Developing groundbreaking techniques, producing good outcomes and quicker recoveries keep Dr. Shwetank at the forefront of his field.

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Dr. Blossom Prakash – Obst. & Gynaecologist
Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, conducting deliveries under analgesia (painless deliveries), high- risk pregnancies, infertility and gynaecological oncology.

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Dr. Madhu Prakash - Obst. & Gynaecologist

Dr. Madhu Prakash – Obst. & Gynaecologist
Highly experienced in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, management of peri and postmenopausal syndrome.

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Dr. H.C. Sawhney – Medical Supdt.


Dr. Swati Prakash – Consultant Pathologist

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