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What is the difference between laparoscopy and single hole technique?
Laparoscopy uses 3-4 holes varying from (1cm to 0.5cm) whereas the single hole technique uses one button hole of 1-2 cm only.
What are the advantages of single hole technique over laparoscopy?

What is the time duration of the surgeries?
Cholecystectomy (GallBladder removal): 25 mins – 35 mins
Hysterectomy (Uterus removal): 40 mins
Appendicectomy (Appendix removal): 15 mins – 20 mins
Ectopic Pregnancy: 30 mins – 40 mins
Kidney stone removal: 30 mins – 40 mins
Hernias: 25 mins – 35 mins
Does this technique of single hole need creation of Pneumoperitoneum?
No single hole technique is a gasless technique requiring no Pneumoperitoneum. Thus complications of Pneumoperitoneum – cardio – respiratory depression and CO2 embolism are avoided.
After single hole cholecystectomy how long does it take for the patient to resume his routine work?
We start the patient orally within 4 hours of surgery. Patient is discharged within 24 hours of operation. Patient is fit to resume his duties within 3-4 days of operation. Heavy strenuous work like lifting loads, extensive gym is to be avoided for next 3 months.
How long before the patient can take a regular diet?
We advocate regular diet after 24 hours of operation once patient passes stool and wind. Liquid diet and semi solid diet is started within 4 hours of operation.
How many sutures are put?
Single hole surgery uses no superficial sutures and it is scarless.
After how long sutures are to be removed?
All sutures used are absorbable which dissolve after 1 week automatically. So no need to remove the sutures.
What all procedures can be done through a single hole surgery?
Gallbladder Stone
Kidney Stones
Ureteric Stones
Diseased Uterus
Ovarian Cyst
Ectopic Preg