Dr. Ajay Prakash – Surgeon & Urologist

Dr. Ajay Prakash
Surgeon & Urologist

Dr. Ajay Prakash is an eminent surgeon and urologist, and the brains behind Shanti Ved Hospitals. He has always been an excellent performer at every level. In medical college, he was awarded with over a dozen awards, including:

  • Buckley Bharucha Silver Medal for the best student (Final Professional M.B.B.S. University Examination Dec.1973)
  • Pfizer`s Gold Medal for best student in Medicine (Final Professional M.B.B.S. University Exam.1973)
  • Awarded the Buckley Gold Medal for securing the highest marks (All subjects of M.B.B.S exam of Dec.1973)fdgf

Always the pioneer, he, along with his wife Dr. Divya Prakash first introduced painless deliveries in India in 1981, using the selective epidural block technique.In 1983, he started Ultrasonography in Agra, and in 1989 he set up North India’s second PCNL and uretero-renoscopy system.In 1999, he became the first to use Holmium lasers in India, and is one of the earliest promoters of Holmium Laser Prostatectomy, an advanced technique for prostate removal. He has amazing skills, and the stamina to perform surgery after surgery, in marathon sessions with no breaks. It was his vision to introduce single hole surgeries that are not only cheaper and within the reach of the common man, but also offer advantages such as less blood loss, minimal scarring, and faster recovery.

He holds the world record for performing 72 single hole surgeries in a single 18 hour session, a feat for which the erstwhile President of India, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam felicitated him.

hghDr. Ajay Prakash has always believed that high quality health care should be available to everyone, and Shanti Ved Hospitals have a 17 year old tradition of conducting a 2-day camp each year, where patients are treated absolutely free of cost, including medications, and hospital stay.

Despite his achievements, he remains a modest man, and even today at the young age of 60, can easily perform 20-25 surgeries in a day.

(A pioneering surgeon and urologist with many achievements to his credit.)